On your forehead

Beautiful. Pretty. Skinny. Ugly. Sensitive. Touchy. Painful. Talkative. Elegant. Snobbish. Weird. Bitchy. Cool. Uncool. Likeable. Irritating. Hindu. Muslim. Sikh. Christian. Brahmin. Non-Brahmin. Religious. Atheist. Agnostic. Tree hugger. Slut. Chaste. Conservative. Traditional. Ambitious. Laidback. Modern. Cheap. Dirty. Friendly. Stiff. Shy. Introvert. Extrovert. Middle class. Old money. Poor kid. Rich kid. Fashion plate. Shabby. Mannerless. Bright. Plodding. Studious. Dull.

Amazing how well some people seem to know to describe you, when you are barely figuring yourself out each day.

Too many labels.
Only one you.

Good or bad, flattering or not, don’t let the labels get to you.

If you do, you’re finished.

Just be.