A Wait Ended

I waited.

And the city waited with me.

Each morning, the merry leaves on the tree outside faded a little more. Each evening, the stillness in the air struck one like a slap on the face.

Each day, the sun made his journey, untiring, unerring, in the same arc that he has for millenia now, and each day, an entire city looked up for those signs that never were.

And we waited.

Today, the wait ended.

Today, the stillness gave way to chaotic noise, the universe came to life again, white teeth flashed joyously against parched brown skin in celebration of the madness.

Today, the heavens opened up.

And the earth smelled of fresh, wet mud, and neem leaves danced in the downpour, and a woman on the street called out and raised her arms to the sky, her colourful bangles flashing between droplets.

Today, I looked up at the sky and belonged to it, to the giant shower that descended to quench the thirst of a city that waited. And I tasted the first droplet of rain on my tongue.

Today, it rained.