A Wait Ended

I waited.

And the city waited with me.

Each morning, the merry leaves on the tree outside faded a little more. Each evening, the stillness in the air struck one like a slap on the face.

Each day, the sun made his journey, untiring, unerring, in the same arc that he has for millenia now, and each day, an entire city looked up for those signs that never were.

And we waited.

Today, the wait ended.

Today, the stillness gave way to chaotic noise, the universe came to life again, white teeth flashed joyously against parched brown skin in celebration of the madness.

Today, the heavens opened up.

And the earth smelled of fresh, wet mud, and neem leaves danced in the downpour, and a woman on the street called out and raised her arms to the sky, her colourful bangles flashing between droplets.

Today, I looked up at the sky and belonged to it, to the giant shower that descended to quench the thirst of a city that waited. And I tasted the first droplet of rain on my tongue.

Today, it rained.


9 thoughts on “A Wait Ended

  1. monsoons go a long way in making one eloquent eh?:) lovely little write up,you should blog more frequently!

    Indeed! Been caught up with stuff, will indeed blog more going forward. Or so I hope.
    – Ramaa

  2. I don’t know what happens to me that compels me to stealthily enter your blog and devour your writes with such a craving literary hunger… I am clueless…
    Yours is that one name that echoes in my mind, once in a blue moon perhaps…yours is that one name that stands solitary amidst a thousand names left dead on the lanes of oblivion…
    Today, the literary thief in me , after a long while, decided to leave its track… It wanted to get caught!

    I might be sounding extremely maudlin but you know , one can’t build dams across emotions… They are unstoppable and let me say what I want to (even if I sound nauseatingly mushy)…

    Twitter did me good. It was chance that your profile came across me and I went through your tweets… They say , “intelligence shines even through the narrowest of chinks.” … All of a sudden, I felt an urge to read you more… I went through your blogs and was bereft of words (no exaggeration)…

    Such an enviable repertoire! Man…. I thought I was electrocuted! I decided to write… Yeah, I have no qualms to accept that I tried to ape you… a miserable attempt (read mediocre) that was…

    Mediocrity , howsoever ostentatious it may be, can never equal the magnanimity of Naturality… Ever since that day, I relentlessly tried to ape you and I don’t know where I have reached but everytime , I write something, I contemplate “How would have Ramaa written this?” (Seriously, I do…!)

    Whenever I read you, I know what precision is… as sharp as an arrow’s tip! Sentences that are so crisp… The single worded ones …so stark and so powerful… You are incorrigibly perfect… Its a crime to be THIS PERFECT! As if your sentences know how much to say… they never sag, never slacken..held tight like the strings of a fine tuned guitar , which when plucked resonate so soulfully!… Do I sound like a flatterer? I am just an admirer…. A great admirer of yours… I don’t know when my envy towards your writes turned into such a pious admiration for them…

    I wish brilliance were transmittable… There are some of your writes that I have read around 5 times and I wonder if I would ever be able to scale those heights…

    Thanks to that one happenstance that made me cross your ways (virtually though) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep writing! That was a solemn confession of a wannabe writer ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I re-read this today because Facebook reminded me of it. It’s exquisite, I think I enjoyed it a lot more today than I did when I last commented.

    Because I’m such a big-head, I like to see where I can improve others’ writing. This, I can’t figure out anything I’d like to change. Your imagery is lovely, and the best part is that it’s Indian, unlike a lot of other writing by Indian authors which is generic. I can feel the Indianness permeating through this piece end to end. I like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

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