A touch of last winter;

A tired leaf swirls to the ground;

The manor door closing shut;

One final, breaking sound.

(Just starting a new feature called Short Poems. Four lines, on any topic under the sun. Leave topic suggestions as comments.)


4 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. this is a nice concept…
    how about 2 lines-one with 3 words and if possible the other with just 2?
    see how it goes, a more dynamic format…string it all up and it’d probably make a nice piece?

    That’s make it too short, IMO. A full poem along those lines could work, maybe.

  2. hmmm well… you can build stark and intense imagery, haiku style y’know? i’ll post some stuff i started workin on just 3 days back or so 🙂 the theme is basically myth/fantasy but can work as a parallel too! lol
    “A storm brews,
    Anvil glowing…
    On the dark hillock,
    A grim visage…
    Hunk of metal,
    Hammer aloft…”

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