Voices from Within

Some relationships have no name.
They are best left that way.
Words complicate, create something which is not there, not true. Feelings are the only real entities in a relationship.
Every second, we enter and exit them, gossamer thin strands of relationships: a full smile at someone, a flash of angry eyes when we argue, a simple brush of your fingers with his. Small frissons that leave us with the blissful, necessary illusion of a web of exciting, complicated relationships. Who knows what the other person was thinking? Maybe my smile reminds him of his lover’s. Maybe your eyes remind her of someone else. Yet we enter and exit, needing the ties that we use to bind ourselves to the perceived identity of another.
Everything needs a name now.
“Are you seeing each other?”
“Is he your date for the evening?”
“Are you lovers or friends?”
As if they need to be mutually exclusive. Lovers, they ask, or friends? And if you will say both, which first, they want to know. Or the smug smile – Lovers, then. Lovers. Definitely lovers.
So many questions, some asked aloud, some poorly concealed behind curious, snapping eyes that follow you around, trying to strip you down to your naked thoughts. What is he thinking? What does she feel about him?
I love my friends passionately.
I am my lover’s best friend.
Someday, you’ll say these answers aloud.
Today, let them smile knowingly.
They complicate, create something which is not there, not true.
They are best left that way.


3 thoughts on “Voices from Within

  1. Hmm..all the world is a stage. We complicate things many a time, maybe it is human nature to do so. Lovers, friends, relationships – why can’t people just let it be the way it is? Why dig deep, ponder, analyze and find out? Is there anything at all that we gain by finding out? We enter, play our part as truly as we can and we exit. Looks simple, wish it were so.

    Anyway, nicely expressed, Ramaa..


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