And the dai wears on

The problem with any sharp up is that there is bound to be a bloody down sooner or later.

-R. Ama A’r a Mesh, renowned philospher

Now that yours truly has been placed, I have been searching for things to do.

“The most effective way to begin is to develop a mission or a philosophy or a creed”, recommends the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People in a helpful manner. So I started out looking for a mission or philosophy or creed.

Jamshedpur in the springtime lends itself readily to one pastime. I spend one half of the day swatting mosquitoes with enviable regularity (the regularity being enviable, not the mosquitoes) and without the aid of a kosubat (which legendary term was coined by Lavanya Mohan of Coconut Chutney) Then I spend the second half of the day washing my hands for atleast 20 seconds per wash (front and back of hands) using Dettol Pure liquid hand wash.

Which is fine as far as keeping busy for about three days goes, but as a long term career option, swatting mosquitoes leaves much to be desired. For one, there is little variety in terms of colour, size and flying speed. Two, there is the small issue of having to wash hands every fifteen minutes, spaced out at one hand wash per ten mosquitoes.  Otherwise, one’s hands become very chee-chee. (Okay, so I don’t hold the world record for Rapid Mosquito Extermination.) Three, Dettol Pure liquid hand wash doesn’t come so cheap. At my current wash rate, I will have to take the ‘subsidized loan’ promised by employer to keep up. #impoverishedindianpostgradstudent

I tried cleaning my room, but as the other 185 (approx) XLers of the ’10 batch know, this is a project akin to building construction in Kodambakkam, Chennai or a roadside-trench-digging undertaking anywhere in India accompanied by a ‘Take Dieversien’ board. It Never Ends. It is Infinite in Scope and Duration. As soon as I grow up, I intend to marry a contactor who carries out these Metro Water/Electricity Board trench diggings. There is Money in there, my female friends. Pliss note this lucrative matrimonial option carefully and give me 5% cut, yearly-basis once you are in.

I tried Orkutting for a change of scene from facebook. New Orkut seems to have developed while I was away facebooking. The new layout shamelessly copies facebook as much as possible while retaining the essential fraandship look and feel that is unique to Orkut.  Some features have been added to compound the general confusion on the homepage.  The friend requests however remain the same, good ol’ ones that trigger nostalgia.

“hiiiii dis s sam. lukin v gud r u modal. pls acept req kthxbye.”

‘r u modal’ he asks.

could be.


Alternately, I could also be the modal value of a distribution of females, employed but jobless, under the age of 25.

Ah, and yes- kthxbye, as you so succintly put it.

So I turned my attention from Orkut to self-help books. What with the next step being management trainee and all, I decided to develop my sense of self using a “holistic, integrated, principle-centered, step-by-step, empowering philosophy that is the best guarantee of success in personal and professional life”. I quote. No, seriously. WTJ, indeed. After about twenty pages of this– “QUADRANT II FOCUS: You need a tool that encourages you, motivates you, actually helps you spend the time you need in Quadrant II, so that you’re dealing with prevention rather than prioritizing crises. In my opinion, the best way to do this is to organize your life on a weekly basis. You can still adapt and prioritize on a daily basis, but the fundamental thrust is organizing the week.” — I kicked the self-help bucket.

I’m still working on developing a mission or a philosophy or a creed. One of the three. You can’t say I haven’t tried. So far, attempts have failed spectacularly. Pliss to condribute ideas if any. Pliss also ensure they also don’t involve much money (basically anything over 15 Rs investment).


15 thoughts on “And the dai wears on

  1. Loved it! Especially the “marrying a contractor” part. How about labouring to find all Marmadesam and Rudraveenai episodes? (of course, for my benefit)

  2. 🙂 I am still in search of my mission / philosophy / creed / purpose in life. You still have a lot of time to reach where I am now, so don ‘t worry yourself, if you still haven’t figured it (your mission) out. In the meantime here’s some time-pass, in case you have time to pass: Flame Warriors.

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