The Silence of Yesterday

Shells lie on the seashore

Some broken, some whole,

Lying at the fringes of my memories

They come alive, flipping over

Like dried leaves racked by the wind

Memories of people, places

Deeds, choices, feelings

Glorious lives and little deaths

So much goes into my busy mind

Raging a war for space inside

One news clipping after another

Peace is a forgotten word

In the black and white memories

In the silence of yesterday

My feet make impressions in the sand

Like my words did once in time

And the impact clings

Like grains of sand to my feet

Words that should have been forgotten

Words that still lurk

Behind massive pillars

In the eternal corridor of time

Words that scream mutely

In the silence of yesterday

White froth edges the wave

And washes my feet hesitantly

Receding in a moment

As though it never was, a moment ago

Merging back into the vast unfathomability

That is named the ocean

It calls itself by no names

It simply exists

And creates, and destroys

Like a gentle, wrathful god

I stand watching the infinity

Where sky meets sea

Thoughts recede like the wave

And the mind is calm

And in the certainty of nothingness

In the peace of the void

I, not my mind,

lose myself

In the silence of yesterday.


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