At The Airport

“Jet announcement for Mr. Suresh Iyer, Mr. Ramaswamy and Mr. Senthilandavan! Jet flight no. 646 departing for Bangalore in 10 minutes, please board the flight immediately.”

Sitting in the Kamaraj International Airport in Chennai and badly wanting to put up a post. But- Whatey joke! An international airport that has no working Wi-Fi connection that I can find after twenty minutes of hopping around with the laptop like a rabbit with an urgent need to use the loo, and mystifying fellow passengers considerably. This means this post is now visible to you in the evening, ages after I actually typed it out. Please to adjustment.

Several aunties in saree and designer shawls look at me down their noses and turn to each other. They look as though they might be complaining about ‘computer addickshun in the youth now-a-days’, which is a favourite topic for dissection at Maamis Inc (MI) meetings every alternate Sunday at Grandma’s place. I do the rabbit-needing-loo act for a couple of more minutes and desist, defeated.

Overhead, the voice continues to plead, “Mr.Ramaswamy!” it calls out emotionally. “Mr. Senthilandavan!”

Thala valikkudhu pa1. Enna rubbish idhu. What are these Ramaswamys and Senthilandavans doing at an airport if not boarding the flight? Assuming they have arrived. I mean, there are not too many reasons you would go to an airport other than to board a flight, except to check out hot airhostesses if you belong to the Desperade Male category, or to use free Wi-Fi. On both counts, KIA disappoints unfailingly. The Wi-Fi – haha! But wait – hot airhostesses? Hahahhahaha!!

Well, yes, have you seen the Indian Airlines airhostesses lately? The more I observe the age, the layers of makeup, the dabara tiffin boxes and the three-fourth sleeve blouses, the more I suspect some MI members might secretly be airhostessing in their spare time. Highly likely.

A neighbouring maami seems to have spotted the words ‘hot’ and ‘maami’ on my screen. Her eyebrows are dangerously close to rising above her forehead.

Ayyayyo, I think she saw these last lines.

Haha. (*Ouch*)

(Hasty goodbye.)


1 – Head aching pa!


7 thoughts on “At The Airport

  1. Wow.. What a revealation!! Never noticed tht the Indian was flying secret MI agents.. BTW wht were u upto at the airport?? Free Wi Fi??

  2. Isn’t that Anna International Airport and Kamaraj Domestic Terminal?

    Reg the Wi-Fi, is it common for Indian airports to have free Wi-Fi? Very few airports in the U.S have free Wi-Fi. I did not even bother to check when I visited Chennai last month.

    • Absolutely right- my bad, re the KI Airport mistake. And I’ve seen Wi-fi at Bangalore, and very smooth, instant Wi-fi – as in accessing it is easy and a pleasure. I also remember using Wi-fi at Mumbai once.

  3. Have you seen the Air India buses that take you to the plane? Its a wonder those heaps move.

    Also, they’re always filled thrice as many people as they can actually hold. Mostly because people rush in as though the airlines have a conspiracy on to prevent them from boarding otherwise.

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