Madras menjufyings

Next 10 or so days in Madras.

This is the list of things to do:

1. Kaapi, Keeravadai and Kutcheri: Early morning wakings, head bathings, ummachi sevichings, kungumam keepings, heading ishtraight to Mylai and tasting  Karpagambal’s delights in the morning. Rounding it off with some nice concert- if vocal, upcoming artiste and if inshtrumental, veenai or violin.


2. Pondy Bazaar Porukkings: Many things are there to buy: Cosmedics, clothes and all. Stocking up for the next three months. Most of all, round adichings of Pondy Bazaar and buying cheppals for 100 Rs. Some 4-5 pairs. Counting on Madhugirl for this, and Surudhi. Gerls, repport to the duty!

3. Aaathu-samachaarangal; Dinner with the family and the extended family. Saravana Bhavan also, and some posh-ly restaurant also, and everything. Gossips, who-ran-away-with-whom-recently-next-door, I-bought-new-pattu-saree-and-moonu-kal-modhiram, like that. Family matters of highest importance. Teasing the newly-weds. Nudge nudge, wink wink.


4. Mythili Maami’s Mess & Meals: Eating home food everyday atleast one time. Ticking off items on the I Want Home Food list. Three kinds of sambar, rasam varieties, vengaaya chutney, karuveppilai thogayal, and other such only in Madras food. Then cribbing slowly in increasing order of decibel as end of holidays approach, all the while munching on many kinds of appalam.

5. Bessie! 😀 : Beach la putting kadalai (literal meaning, not the ‘figure’ative one- not that there are too many kamalahaasans on the beach. Still.) and eating molaga bajji and all. Marina also, while we’re at it. Malls, such as they are. Cafe Coffee Day (which has the hilarious Tamil transliteration ‘enythink ken happaen ovra kappa kaapi’). Mocha. Baristhhaaa. Orey the city girl.

Indha maadhiri sila pala plans. Please pheel phree to join me after prior appointment only. Talk my PA or talk me. Same number. (Hehe.) And – yeah. Dutch, strictly. I am impoverished Indian postgrad student.

Note all the Tanglish. Just feeling very Tam. Please to adjustment.


7 thoughts on “Madras menjufyings

  1. But Gabtun stats illaye! Pondy Bazaar ellaam porukkalaam. I’m going for TM Krishna’s kutcheri tonight. Wanna come?

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