Lessons from Life

A small video I am watching sparks off random thoughts, like the veins on the back of a tender leaf, each shooting out in a different direction, but all of them subtly connected. I start to write.

Every single moment of our lives, there is something or the other playing at the back of our minds- our children, our parents, our ambitions and desires, yesterday’s mistakes, today’s tasks and tomorrow’s hopes and dreams, grades and jobs, the ‘big’ things – career, relationships, money and equally the small things – the discount sale we might miss, the tee shirt that the dhobi might forget to bleach, the change incorrectly tendered by the gol gappa maker in a corner of the busy thoroughfare that is life.

Our life is like a thoroughfare, is she not? The myriad twists and turns, the choices we make, the roads to choose and the ones to avoid, straying off the path once or twice, being forced to wait endlessly at the signal points of our existence- weary, but knowing there lies beauty and promise ahead, not merely at our destinations, but in the very journeys that, more often than not, may not even take us there.

Our emotions define whom we come to be, and those closest to us know the indecision in our hearts, the mistakes we made, the choices we forewent, the worries that furrowed our brows, the laughter late into the night, the tears of happiness, the strained smiles in our moments of grief, our lives’ stories brought alive in a few memories that they cannot escape any more than we can.

Life is a wonderful miracle, much like nature, her mother. She is the perfect mistress, temperamental and ruthless, and yet lush, giving and loving. She is perfection itself, perfect because she is unpredictable, perfect because she is inspiring, and perfect because she is to each one of us, alternately a loving nurturer and an uncaring destroyer- but at the end of those moments of love, longing, and living, she leaves you with a sense of wonderment at where you once stood and where you have come to be.

How many of us had even a sense, say five years back, of where we would stand today? And yet, who can say he did not learn invaluable lessons along the way? I, for my part, have learnt them, unwillingly sometimes, but learnt them all the same. And there is pleasure and pain in knowing there are more to come!

What has been your greatest lesson from life? Do share it with me… whether as a comment or via a message. I would greatly value your response.


4 thoughts on “Lessons from Life

  1. wow…well said.. wen i read out dis , i really felt like experiencin dem again n went thro de track of moments.. wud luv to share dem with u…

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