9 Unbeatables

1. A proper Tam Bram home-cooked meal: vettha kozhambu, seera-molagu rasam, vendakkai, vazhakkai varuval, vellrikai pacchadi, thayir saadham, maavadu and then semiya payasam. Feeling deliciously lazy and unproductive and indulging in local gossip afterwards: “Ayyoyyo! That maami’s daughter ran away with the music troupe boy aaa? All this Kaliyugam only, what to say!!”

2. A flat 80% sale, so you can buy outrageously and still end up with a bill of “Rs. 480 only, madam”. And putting it on your debit card, feeling all giggly and light-headed that your inherent love of clothes has met your secret, eternal desire for cheapness.

3. Getting birthday wishes from all 569 friends on facebook, and then email wishes, and then G-Talk wishes, and then phone wishes, and then e-cards, and then a group of friends gangs up to present you with Very Nice Things To Wear, and THEN a surprise dinner party ages after your actual birthday, so you don’t remember it at all and this comes as a bubbly surprise!
With champagne.

4. Browsing through an old-books store and finding your long-lost copy of The BFG, complete with your shady eight year-old illustrations on the pages and your name, etched in a very bad, pretentious handwriting, and then finding it’s only Rs.30 to buy (“Old copy, ma, full of some child’s scribblings, who will buy? That’s why very cheap”), so its now yours forever again.

5. Cycling out AFTER it’s just rained, inhaling the unique, ground-fresh-after-rain smell, and stopping for a piping hot chai, tiny samosas and melt-in-your-mouth butter biscuits at the roadside chai shop.

6. Spending a weekend at your grandma’s and getting her to cook uniquely grandma-ed food for you, and lying on your back, wasting time all day, getting your hair combed slowly and thoroughly by grandma, dozing off on her lap, drifting off into uncomplicated childhood dreams again, and generally getting pampered beyond belief.
Grandmas are The Best.

7. Waking up at 7 in the morning with a start, looking around, and then realizing that you don’t need to wake up, because you have nowhere to go and nothing to do in life. Snuggling back under the covers with a wide smile on your face, reaching out and fumbling for your mp3 player, and lying curled up and blanketed, listening to your favourite music until you fall asleep with your mouth slightly open.

8. Watching your fat little Pug do circles randomly around his non-existent tail and then look up at you with his puppy-dog eyes, and trot up to you obediently, snuggle under your feet and rub himself twice or thrice, find his Comfort Position and settle down, closing his eyes in heavenly bliss. Feeling his warm little snuggly puppy body under your feet and peering down at the top of his tiny head, and feel ridiculously happy and motherly.

9. Buying a new digi-cam and taking arbit, trigger-happy photos with it, of things you never even realized existed before, like dew on the underside of a leaf or the sun at 5-46 pm just before it sets, or the zari on your mother’s saree, or a puzzled cow chewing on cinema posters, and the like. And then publishing the photos on facebook, myspace, orkut, and everywhere else and feeling like a kid who won the monthly toffee when someone ‘like’s it or says, “Man, awesome photography! You a pro or what?”


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