It’s a creeping madness
The whole world, looking at me
Waiting, watching
Or so it seems to be

Oh, I can’t take it
I need to stay afloat
To plug the gaping spaces
In the confusion of my soul

I need to look inside
And discover what’s within me
And stop looking around
Stop comparing frantically

It’s all gonna end soon someday
The fighting, the madness
The war I’m waging inside
The blind euphoria, the tearing sadness

I know it’s my last chance
To become the real me
To quit thinking about you, you or you
And just let myself be

But I know I’m never gonna make it
Outta this crazy world
Deep inside my splittin head
A million thoughts swirl

Like poison in a chalice;
I’m a prisoner in my life
Living out somebody else’s dreams
And paying someone else’s price

All I want is to surrender
To the darkness right inside
To give up, and kneel down
No questions, no pride

Just a creeping madness
A madness I don’t need
That creates a silent darkness
Where evil takes seed

And so I surrender
To the drugging hold
To the darkness deep inside
I have sold my soul


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